Cell You a Theory—Online Book Launch

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May 23, 2020 • 3 pm

Event to be held via livestream on Zoom. 
Free but registration is required. 
Visit our facebook page for a link or go to: 

Harki Dhillon is a surgeon, film producer, founder of the Riverside International Film Festival and author of the poetry collections Invisible Hands, Misty Darkness, and Cell You a Theory. He has lived, worked and played on three different continents and now lives in Riverside, California.

About Cell You a Theory

For the last four years, every time I have looked at any living thing, I have wondered about that little guy/gal—the cell. This book is my journey into the microcosm of the cell and my interpretation of single cells, multicellularity, the human organism and life, how they relate to each other, and much, much more. In conversations with many people, in these last four years I have seen that the subject matter of this book is a complete mystery to them and yet they have been intrigued and curious to know more.

We are so familiar with life that we see around us, we don’t feel the need to go deeper to try and understand how it really works. Organization is a key characteristic of life and this happens with similar patterns in cellularity, multicellularity, and humanity. There is a formula which can predict our future and how we will develop over the next few centuries. So, come along for the ride and see if I can cell you this theory.

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