First All Teen Issue

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Inlandia Institute presents Literature on the Lawn Featuring Contributors to
the All-Teen Issue of Inlandia: A Literary Journey

June 7 • 7 — 8:30 pm
Downtown Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside 92501

The Inlandia Institute is excited to announce the first all-teen issue of Inlandia: A Literary Journey online literary journal. On June 7 at 7 pm, please join us for a special celebration and reading at the Riverside Public Library, located at 3581 Mission Inn Avenue in downtown Riverside.

Featured readers include Joseph G Salvinski, Carissa Myung, Kiyani Carter, Aubrey Medina Gaines, Audrey Vazzana, and others, with Teen Issue Managing Editor Victoria Waddle. Our first all-teen issue features a variety of works including poetry, fiction, plays, films, and more.

From the poem “Cursed Catharsis” by Carrisa Myung:

“Enmity in euphoria. / Elegance in entropy. / Elevation in enigmas.”

From the short story “Counting People” by Kiyani Carter:

“I have every type of person committed to memory. Down to every tap of their feet, every twitch of their cheek, and all the slang in their dictionary, I know what anyone, at any given time, will do and say.”

From “Seasons” by Aubrey Medina Gaines:

“The seasons are changing again. Momma tells me it’s time to leave. We’re always leaving. That’s why I think of my life in seasons. Spring: new beginnings for me and momma. Summer: a time to make friends and play; I’m safe. Fall: time to move again, and very lonely. Winter: cold nights and struggles. Despite my lonesomeness in the fall, it’s my favorite season. The changing of the leaves, the spicy smell of the air, the bite of cold air in the mornings and evenings. It is the only time I truly feel safe.”

From the essay, “Another Life Destroyed by Alzheimers” by Audrey Vazzana:

“Grandma Del has a back porch camouflaged with flowers galore. Small and large pots sit in corners and edges eating sun, decorating this so called backyard. The kiss of warmth on my skin when I overlook the neighborhood makes up for the sore, outdated home on which my feet remain planted. For just a moment the reality of why I am here escapes my mind and time flows with the breeze because when Grandma Del reached out her hand for mine….”

From the short story “Exitus” by Joseph Salvinski:

“I attended Captain Mort’s funeral this evening. It was held in his birth town of Deptford, home to the first Royal Navy Dockyard. Mort’s family arrived like dark clouds settling on the grave stones in the cemetery. Each one’s attire was as bleak and desolate as their bereft souls must have been. I’ve heard speculation about our new captain who will be arriving Thursday, in two days time. Amanda Blackwell, the ship’s surgeon, and I have had no inkling about what qualifications our mysterious new captain has to take control over the Han. Commodore Weatherly has so far not been forthcoming in giving the crew or me any information about the new arrival.”

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