Journaling Workshop (1/23)

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Even Butterflies Can Hollar

Journaling Workshop for Black Women

with Lydia Theon Ware i

Saturdays • January 23–February 20, 2021 • 10 am – noon

Registration required:

Join Lydia Theon Ware i for this five-week journaling workshop for Black women. Lydia will support workshop participants as they explore topics important to them and will raise some questions of her own, including “As a black woman, WHERE do you have permission to show your TRUE RAGE? An ANGRY BLACK WOMAN is an [Insert NEGATIVE stereotype here]. BUT WHY? Let’s write about this. Let’s talk about this. Let’s explore our permission slips and our societal censors through dialogue, poetic monologues and sketches.

Lydia Theon Ware i is founder and leads the Cartless creative writing workshop for people experiencing homelessness. She is the author of Signs, a tiny gift book, D.I.R.T.:A Poem Song, and Awe; Love Letters to the Most High, a praise compilation of poetry and love letters to Jesus.

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