Live Storytelling • 10/15

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The Flame Live Storytelling Workshop
With Stevie Taken

Something Wicked
Session 1: Thursday October 15 • 7 pm
Session 2: Thursday October 22 • 7 pm
Send your brief synopsis to

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” —Shakespeare

Some of us have lived through and survived experiences that could rival any story out of Hollywood.

A new waitress at a haunted hotel closes the restaurant for her first time on her own and encounters a spirit who fits the description of the victim of a tragic accident that took place less than a year prior in the exact spot she saw him.

The doorbell rings at the home of a little boy whose mother is in the shower and out of ear shot. Who’s at the door? Could it be the serial killer that’s been terrorizing the community? Tall, slender, sandy blond hair, mustache, it’s him.

An over confident, self proclaimed ‘flaming atheist’ works as a tour guide on a so called ‘haunted’ historic ship. One night a special tour takes the group to the very bottom of the ship, 100′ below the surface. Unexplained orbs of light flash above her head and only one other person in the group can see them, shaking her confidence and her bones. 

For the month of October The Flame presents ‘Something Wicked’, true stories of the unusual, the unexplained, and the terrifying shared by the people who survived them. If you have a terrifying story you’d like to share, please send a brief synopsis to Spaces are limited.

Dates and times:

Workshop 1: Thursday, October 15 •  7–8:30 PM
Workshop 2: Thursday, October 22 •  7–8:30 PM
Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, October 28 • 6:45–8:30 PM
The Flame, Something Wicked Performance: Thursday, October 29 •  6:45–8:30 PM

Please be certain to be able to attend both workshops and dress rehearsal as well as the event. 

This activity was supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at

Stevie Taken, of Riverside, has formed her own theatre company, as well as appeared as “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley over the past two years for the Riverside Dickens Festival.

Stevie Taken is a theater artist, creator of the live storytelling event “Performance Anxiety” based on The Moth, which was held at The Menagerie in downtown Riverside. Today she is happy to collaborate with Inlandia on the ongoing live storytelling event: “The Flame”.

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