Online Plot Bootcamp

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Power Plot Bootcamp

6 weeks
March 22 to May 3
Fees waived in light of current Covid-19 crisis
Donations welcome (usual fee $150)

Has the plot of a piece ever eluded you? Or do you have the first ten pages of a piece to polish for a submission? If so, Power Plot Bootcamp is for you!

Power Plot Bootcamp is designed for any genre- fiction, non-fiction, even the poets might like the contents of this course. The online course will examine the spine of any story through the lens of Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat– a book originally intended for screenplays but has many different applications. This class will be conducted using  a Facebook Group as well as a Canvas Classroom for those who want to go further. It will also include a weekly optional and recorded hour-long live session to workshop work and discuss the week’s lessons. Critiques of work are also available although a completed work is not necessary to enroll.

This is a great class for those who want to add power to their plot! even if the plot is only an idea!

Registration is required. To register, email

To make a donation via PayPal, follow the link then choose the “send money” option to send your registration fee to, or mail a check to:

Inlandia Institute
4178 Chestnut Street
Riverside CA 92501

Renee Gurley, MA, MFA, is a writer and online English teacher with over 20 years of experience with words. Her work has appeared in Midwifery Today, Gemini Magazine, Coping Magazine, and others. She is currently working on a memoir about living in Bolivia and has taken the Save the Cat Bootcamp for Novels in Los Angeles recently. She is anxious to share what she has learned as Save the Cat has revolutionized how she looks at plot. This is a great class for those who want to add power to their plot! even if the plot is only an idea!

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