Poet-try 9

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6 Weeks
May 3 to June 14

Fees waived in light of current Covid-19 crisis
Donations welcome (usual fee $150)

Poet-try 9 – back to basics (or not). Forms, patterns, and templates in poetry and short form fiction/nonfiction.

This hybrid class will revisit ancient and not so ancient formulas of expression: the lyric poem, the psalm, the prayer, the to-do list, the recipe, the instruction manual as well as the tale and myth. Then we’ll use those templates to generate work of our own. Every week we’ll have a short reading or two as well as a prompt (or two). We’ll work for 6 weeks and then break up/down into 2 weeks of intensive workshopping of one piece from each person. We use a Facebook group platform to share information, read each other’s work, and give each other encouragement.

Minimum: 6 students

Maximum: 15

All levels welcome. Previous participation not required. All you need is a Facebook account.

Registration is required. To register, email inlandia@inlandiainstitute.org.

To make a donation via PayPal, follow the link then choose the “send money” option to send your registration fee to donations@inlandiainstitute.org, or mail a check to:

Inlandia Institute
4178 Chestnut Street
Riverside CA 92501

About Stephanie Barbé Hammer:

Stephanie Barbé Hammer is a 5 time Pushcart Prize nominee with work in the Bellevue Literary Review, Pearl, Hayden’s Ferry, Isthmus, the Gold Man Review, and the Chiron Review among others. She is the author of a magical realist novel (The Puppet Turners of Narrow Interior), a prose poem chapbook (Sex with Buildings), a full-length poetry collection (How Formal?), and a how-to-write-magical-realism craft book (Delicious Strangeness). Stephanie was born in Manhattan and lived until recently in Southern California. She now wanders the woods of rural Washington State looking for a taco truck, a dry cleaner and someone to talk to. She is working on a new collection, GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM CITY SLICKER and a novel about 2 confused and somewhat high millennials searching for a missing social worker aboard a luxury train bound for Quebec. She is managing editor of SHARK REEF literary magazine.

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