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Welcome to Inlandia Institute’s Creative Writing Workshops Program. With venues in multiple cities, we hope you find one that works well with your location and schedule.
Currently, we have workshops in: Riverside with Jo Scott-Coe, San Bernardino with Nikia Chaney, Corona with Andrea Fingerson, Ontario with Tim Hatch, and Redlands with Mae Wagner at the Joslyn Senior Center located at 21 Grant Street.
Workshops are held seasonally: fall, winter, and spring, with a break in the summer. Each seasonal workshop lasts ten weeks and meets a total of ten hours during that period.
Workshops are filled on a first come, first served basis, with caps on workshop registrations based on total number of available seats per location.
All workshops are open to the public but registration is required. Once the workshop has begun, vacant seats can only be filled at the discretion of the workshop leader and Inlandia staff.
By registering for an Inlandia workshop you are entitled to submit work for inclusion in the annual Writing from Inlandia anthology.
Inlandia’s Creative Writing Workshops are free but a donation toward the workshops program is appreciated. Donations are accepted via PayPal or snail mail or directly to the Inlandia Institute office only.
To donate via PayPal visit and choose “send money” to donations
– To mail or hand-deliver donations: Inlandia Institute * 4178 Chestnut Street * Riverside, California 92501
Please remember: Donations are optional! Support comes in many forms. Thank you for supporting the Inlandia Institute!