Inlandia Books

Inlandia Books, founded circa 2011.

We believe we are unique.

Inlandia Books has no managing editor.

Instead, it is run by a team of volunteers with oversight by a publications coordinator in collaboration with a programs and marketing coordinator, under the direction of the Institute’s executive director.

We are all working writers.

We too have been on the receiving end of a rejection slip.

We know what it’s like to be frustrated by lack of communication.

If you submit to Inlandia Books, know that we care. Not just about the work, but about your reputation as a working writer. We know that publishing a book is an important step in a writer’s career, and we’re here to help you avoid any missteps.

If your work is accepted, know that the competition was tough. And if we didn’t accept your work–this time–we encourage you to submit again.

If you are thinking about submitting to Inlandia Books, know that we offer traditional publishing contracts with reasonable publishing timelines.

We offer royalties, either monetary or in the form of free copies of your book.

We expect your input on the book’s cover art, and the interior layout and design. Our lines of communication are always open.

We never ask you for any money to publish, not at any step of the way. We recognize there are publishing models out there that do, and reasons for doing so, but that’s not our thing.

We submit your book to review venues, to post-publication prizes.

We cheer on your other success, with Inlandia or elsewhere.

We are a small but mighty team. We work with you to develop your vision for the book.

Inlandia is about community. We are all Inlandia. Inlandia is you.