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  • - Food Writing Workshop with Alaina Bixon
    Food Writing Workshop with Alaina Bixon

    Food Writing Workshop with Alaina Bixon

    December 15, 2021

    Join Alaina Bixon for an 8-week food writing workshop!

    On Zoom, register here:

    Alaina studied food writing with NYTimes writer Jeannette Ferrary and wrote about wine while working as regional director for Wines West in San Francisco. Her inspiration for many articles came from her friendship with Maggie Waldron, who operated the Ketcham Test Kitchen in San Francisco.

    For several years, Alaina has led creative writing and memoir writing workshops for Inlandia Institute. She has spoken on food and wine pairing, food irradiation, and her adventures in the wine business.

    The previous Inlandia food writing series took place online from October-November 2021, and participants included a restaurant owner, home chefs and enthusiastic writers of all levels, from Los Angeles to the Inland Empire and even the San Francisco Bay area. The response was so encouraging, and the writing so fascinating, that Inlandia and Alaina are pleased to present another series of food writing workshops – stories told through the lens of food and drink.

    Each 90-minute workshop will include 2 writing prompts, with time to create a food-related story for both prompts.

    Some topics we will address are food history, sustainability, nutrition and health, family stories, cookbooks, food and travel, culinary memoirs, and the politics of food.

    Resources: Reading lists, podcasts, magazines, web sites, blogs, YouTube. We will discuss how to submit articles for publication.