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Blacklandia Presents: Writing About Black Art with Richard Allen May III

February 19, 2022

Saturdays, February 5, February 19, and February 26, 2022 (4:00-5:30 PM PST)

Inlandia’s Blacklandia Event Series Presents

Writing About Black Art with Richard Allen May III – Winter-Spring 2022

February’s Focus: Writing About Black Art Through a Biographical Lens

On Zoom; registration required:

 Workshops are free. All are welcome.

February’s three “Writing About Black Art” workshops (February 5, 19, and 26) will explore writing about Black art from a biographical perspective. Participants will examine how to unpack this art and make it accessible to readers by analyzing how the life of the artist informs the creative process.

Through class lectures, Zoom discussion groups, and homework exercises, participants will learn about selected African American artists from different perspectives and produce a 350-word essay concentrating on one work of art. Time will also be devoted to peer reviews of essay drafts in Zoom discussion groups. These workshops are designed to develop marketable skills as a freelance writer writing about Black art and artists.

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