Workshop & Event (10/27)

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THE FLAME October Stories: Tales of the Enchanted, Unusual, and Bizarre
Hosted by Sabrina Harris

FREE • Wednesdays: October 12, 19, 26  • 6:30-8:30 PM  
Live Performance Thursday, October 27 • 6:30-8:30 PM  
Riverside Studios  
5950 Wilderness Ave, Riverside, CA 92504

Whether you’ve traveled to faraway lands or been virtually a recluse, everyone has a story to tell. These are the stories that make us who we are. The Flame would love for you to share YOUR tale of the enchanted, unusual, and bizarre.

The Flame “October Stories” takes place over four evenings. There will be a three-part workshop (October 12, 19, and 26) with a live storytelling event (October 27). Enrollment is limited, so please reach out ASAP to sign up. Participants must be available for all four dates and times. To submit for participation, please send an email to Sabrina Harris ( with a short (1-2 paragraphs) summary of the story you would like to share.

All stories must be true (of course, we all take some creative license – we’re storytellers, not journalists!), have happened to you, and be told in first person.

Sabrina Harris is a retired librarian from El Segundo, California. Her interest in storytelling began while producing several author fairs in the South Bay area that included storyteller circles. Sabrina has directed numerous programs during her career as a librarian. Her cheerful personality, and kind, smiling faces have uplifted and guided many audiences.

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