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November 9, 2019

Join Inlandia on November 9th starting at 3 pm as we celebrate the launch of a new book of poems by Deenaz Paymaster Coachbuilder.
This event will take place at the Riverside Medical Clinic in the downstairs conference room. The clinic is located at 7117 Brockton Ave, Riverside, 92506.
Deenaz Coachbuilder is an educator, artist, poet, and environmental advocate. She is a retired school principal and professor in special education, past president of Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice and India Association of the Inland Empire, and a consultant in speech pathology. She is the author of two books of poems, Imperfect Fragments, and Metal Horse and Shadows, which have been received with critical acclaim both here and abroad.
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November 30, 2019

Celebrate the launch of the 2018 Writing from Inlandia anthology, marking ten years of ongoing creative writing workshops.

Dedicated to Inlandia’s founder Marion Mitchell-Wilson (1946-2015), this event will take place at 1 pm on her birthday, November 30, at the Arlington Branch Library, in honor of her vision for Inlandia’s creative writing workshops program. The Arlington Branch Public Library is located at 9556 Magnolia Ave.

Quiet basements and rooms tucked from view in libraries and senior centers across Inland cities have been home to Inlandia Institute’s free ongoing creative writing workshops for more than a decade.

Now, the time has come for our latest crop of authors to see their work in print. The 2018 Writing from Inlandia anthology brings together 84 authors in 426 pages.

The result is a heartfelt collection of stories and poems, a book that encapsulates the diversity of the rich human experience just east of the west coast.

Hear the work of participants as they read from the anthology. Scheduled readers include: Carlos Cortés, Laurel Cortés, Tim Hatch, Frances J. Vasquez, Nannette Friedley, Romaine Washington, Jane O’Shields-Hayner, Shelby Harrington, José Chavez, Judy Kohnen, Cindi Neisinger, Tom Vaden, Delia Vaden, Richard Gonzalez, Cynthia Pringle, Sylvia Clarke, Wil Clarke, Phyllis Maynard, Phyllis Reis, Mary Rodriguez Briggs, Joan Jones, S J Perry, Celena Diana Bumpus, Alan VanTassel, Shirley Petro-Timura, Gary Neuharth, Lillian Solorio, Morris Mendoza, Dora Harmon, Roberto Murillo, and Scharlett Stowers.

“A pause…after uttered words / The air between us—/ tense or sweet / sweet space / within us” —Kimmery Moss

“There’s no greater reward than the wind at the top of Mt. Rubidoux.” —Shelly Herrera

“Where are the families with children that can be our friends?” Heidi wondered. —Sylvia Nelson Clarke

“Finally, she said, “Ok, this is my stop.” I looked around and didn’t see anything but black woods.” —Steve Brown

This event is free and open to the public. Book sales and light refreshments follow book launch reading.