Califauna: A Literary Field Guide

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Califauna: A Literary Field Guide

Of elk, grizzlies, and red-tail hawks—a literary anthology of our fellow creatures

From Native American tales and explorers’ accounts to fiction and poetry by established and emerging writers, this new anthology is a playful exploration of how animals excite our imagination and compassion. Each piece in the anthology is a snapshot of a different animal, with “field notes” preceding each selection. The book also includes a collection of artwork and a timeline of animal-related milestones in California.

Califauna includes literature by: Mary Austin, Ambrose Bierce, T. C. Boyle, Charles Bukowski, Walter Van Tilburg Clark, Robert Hass, Helen Hunt Jackson, Robinson Jeffers, Ursula K. Le Guin, Jack London, Barry Lopez, David Mas Masumoto, John Muir, Ishmael Reed, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and others.

Author: Terry Beers

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Category: Fiction

Califauna: A Literary Field Guide

Terry Beers teaches writing and literature at Santa Clara University, where he is currently a professor in the English department and director of the California Legacy Project. He also serves as the general editor of the California Legacy series of books, co-published by Santa Clara University and Heyday Books, and is the host of the “Your California Legacy” radio anthology on KAZU public radio.

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