Enriqué Speaks with His Hands

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Enriqué Speaks with His Hands

Enriqué is special, but his family does not understand why until a stranger introduces them to other children who are just like Enriqué. Only then does the family realize that Enriqué is Deaf. Enriqué Speaks With His Hands is a beautifully illustrated book that can help parents teach children how to be tolerable of children who are different.

Author: Benjamin Fudge

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Category: Children

Enriqué Speaks with His Hands

An elementary school administrator, husband, father, grandfather, gardener, runner, writer - all these are things I would suggest to describe various parts of who I am. A combined love for travel, missions, and special needs children led to the writing of “Enrique Speaks With His Hands,” my first book. While it is the story of a little boy, born deaf, it also tells the story of an amazing friend and her work with deaf children in rural Honduras.

I was born in north Alabama, lived for a time in Oregon, and now live and work in Southern California.

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