Falcon’s Return

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Falcon’s Return

With the whir of her camera shutter blending with the sound of her heart beating, Brooke focused on her most enigmatic subject to date. Marshall Anthony stood as regal and proud as the beautiful peregrine on his arm and his amazing green eyes seemed to pierce her camera lens. She was certain she had found the perfect subject for award-winning photographs, but she was less certain about the man and his imperfections. After an anxious search for his wayward falcon and a romantic sunset flight in his two-seater plane, Brooke found herself seeing the heart behind the rough exterior. There was something about the trust and compassion he held for his falcon that kept pulling her into his presence. Complicating matters, though, is her childhood buddy, Jeremy. Will she have to sacrifice her longest and closest friendship to find true love with Marshall? If she doesn’t work something out soon, she may lose them both.

Author: Rebecca K. O’Connor

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Category: Fiction

Falcon’s Return

Rebecca K. O’Connor is an exotic animal trainer with a degree in creative writing. A falconer with a lifelong passion for birds and writing, she finds her inspiration hunting in the Southern California hills with a red-tailed hawk. She shares her home with an unruly collection of animals that she refuses to train and gets her best advice from Ty, an African gray parrot who insists he’s a chicken hawk.

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