Help Me! Help Me!

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Help Me! Help Me!

Eleanor Aspin has created this unique rhyming book to help young children recognize emergency situations and how to dial for help. Inspired by her granddaughter, Eleanor made her niche and HELP ME! HELP ME! was born.

Author: Eleanor Aspin

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Category: Children

Help Me! Help Me!

Eleanor Aspin, author/illustrator of “Help Me! Help Me!,” “Messy Myko and Tidy Tyko,” and MG novella, “Abby’s Attic Adventures”-ages 10 & up, (Moose Hide Books). ElAspin is also freelance illustrator for Moose Enterprises. “Sparking reading interest in children is a worthwhile contribution. My writing began in 2003 with picture books, and has developed into writing and illustrating fantasy adventure novels for ages 9-14 and up. Creating an exciting story with illustrations is entertaining, and I do a darn good job of amusing myself! I also enjoy other creative projects, as well as jogging, cooking, and hanging out with the grandchildren. I’m a true believer that inspiration comes from some unknown source, tapped into, and then brain-encouraged.”

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