The Life of an Oak: An Intimate Portrait

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The Life of an Oak: An Intimate Portrait

Presenting the most inviting and revealing exploration of the majestic oak ever published. Beautifully printed in full-color, The Life of an Oak: An Intimate Portrait takes a close look at all aspects of the genus Quercus, from a microscopic examination of its cellular processes to a survey of the grand diaspora by which members of this remarkable family have spread around the world and diversified. All are described in accessible language and art that will enchant the professional and armchair botanist alike.

In the tradition of the finest natural histories, delicately rendered illustrations and lyrical writing conspire with a light and modern design to draw the reader into the inherent beauty and timelessness of oak trees.

Published in conjunction with the California Oak Foundation

Author: Glenn Keator

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Category: Non-Fiction

Glenn Keator is a freelance teacher, botanist, and writer. He has taught courses and led field trips on native plants for the California Academy of Sciences, the Yosemite Association, Golden Gate Park’s Strybing Arboretum, and many other arboretums and nature centers around the country. He is the author of several books on plants, including In Full View.

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