The Littlest Wrangler

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The Littlest Wrangler

New York City orphan Joe Monday dreams of finding a family and of being a cowboy. Things look up when he’s sent West on an “orphan train,” until he ends up with a pair of pig farmers who only want the free labor he provides. Joe runs away with a cattle drive headed north from Texas, though the cowboys are unsure of their young tag-along. But when disaster strikes, Joe proves that even a kid can be a hero, and learns that dreams really can come true. John Sanders has not only written a wonderful story, but he has reopened the Big Book of the American Cowboy for a whole new generation of children to enjoy.

Author: J. R. Sanders

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Category: Youth

The Littlest Wrangler

J. R. Sanders is a native of Newton, Kansas - one of the original “wild and wooly” cowtowns - whose deep interest in Old West history dates back to childhood visits with his family to the Dalton Gang hideout, Abilene, and Dodge City. He currently lives in Southern California. A frequent contributor to Wild West magazine, J.R. is a member of the Western Writers of America.

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