The Mighty Mississippi: The Life and Times of America’s Greatest River

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The Mighty Mississippi: The Life and Times of America’s Greatest River

The winding, epic history of one of America’s greatest natural wonders.

The mighty Mississippi River has wound its way through our country’s heartland—and the course of history—for thousands of years. Formed when the last glaciers of the Ice Age melted, the river became a 2,550-mile-long drainage basin for almost half of the United States. Before Europeans arrived in the New World, it was a means of exploration and trade for Native Americans. It later witnessed some of the most pivotal events in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Trail of Tears to the Civil War. It has survived flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Linda Vieira and Higgins Bond use their talents and expertise to explore the science and the history of the great Mississippi River, showing us why the Ojibwe Indians called it “Mes-sipi,” Father of Running Waters.

Author: Linda Vieira

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Category: Children

The Mighty Mississippi: The Life and Times of America’s Greatest RiverLinda Susan Vieira was raised in Brooklyn, NY, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She spent more than 30 years as a resource specialist, master teacher, science mentor, and classroom teacher across the entire spectrum of the educational system, from kindergarten level to college. Linda is the author of four non-fiction works for children, all of which are published by Walker & Company, New York, and are available in bookstores nationwide. Her first two books, The Ever-Living Tree, The Life and Times of a Coast Redwood and Grand Canyon, A Trail Through Time, feature the illustrations of Christopher Canyon. Her third and fourth books, The Seven Seas, Exploring The World Ocean and The Mighty Mississippi, The Life and Times of America's Greatest River, are illustrated by Higgins Bond. All four books combine science with sweeping views of history. Linda has also published many teaching resources, including an individual student spelling dictionary, and 14 magazine and newspaper articles. Her popular workshops in creative writing and children’s literature have inspired hundreds of teachers and students at all grade levels. Her innovative handouts and student displays simplify the planning of lessons across the curriculum. Linda specializes is bringing art and humor into everyday non-fiction writing. Linda is regularly invited to conferences, conventions, and school districts, to present her original, innovative creative writing ideas for elementary level students. She is available for classroom author visits, professional development for teachers, and school assemblies. Linda has 3 children and 4 grandchildren in California. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her Labrador retriever, Hannah.

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