Two Chilies Dos Chiles

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Two Chilies Dos Chiles

Follow Julianna as she spends the day with Grandpa Julian, learning about her family’s history — and the secret ingredient to their version of New Mexico Green Chile — along the way.

Author: Julianna M. Cruz

ISBN: 978-0-9839575-0-8

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Category: Fiction

Two Chilies Dos ChilesJulianna Maya Cruz is an elementary teacher and writer from Riverside, California. She has been teaching for 14 years and is also the author of The Tale of Tommy & Teresa Trout: A Learning Journey from Egg to Fry and Two Chilies Dos Chiles.  Julianna is currently a member of the Inlandia Institute Advisory Council and Publications Committee.  With the help of the Inlandia Institute, Julianna developed and taught Children's Creative Writing Workshops that have produced chapbooks of student work.

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