Under the Fifth Sun: Latino Literature from California

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Under the Fifth Sun: Latino Literature from California

Under the Fifth Sun collects stories of love, family, work, exploration, politics, history, culture, and survival—fiction, poetry, memoirs, commentary, and drama—covering more than two centuries of Latino presence in California, from missionaries and soldiers to gold miners, farmworkers, and political refugees.

A celebration, an outcry, a revelation, and a powerful reading experience, this anthology ranges from naturalism to magical realism, from lyric poetry to detective fiction, with works by Francisco X. Alarcón, Isabel Allende, Lorna Dee Cervantes, César Chávez, Francisco Jiménez, Graciela Limón, Juan Marichal, Pablo Neruda, Gary Soto, Luis Valdez, Alma Luz Villanueva, and many others.

Author: Rick Heide

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Category: Fiction

Rick Heide has been a member of the San Francisco Bay Area publishing community since 1968, working twenty years as a typesetter, for clients including the North American Congress on Latin America, Nicaraguan Perspectives, and numerous small presses, magazines, and journals with a multicultural focus. He is currently a freelance typesetter, editor, and co-publisher.

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